I am a writer, artist, and filmmaker. I like to think I combine media to original and evolutionary effect.

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I was born in Boston, and I grew up in Louisville, Kentucky. I received a BFA in Filmmaking as a University Honors Scholar from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1988. I received an MFA in Critical Studies from California Institute of the Arts in 2006. My credentials emphasize scholarly analysis as artful expression, accentuating writing skills and creative thinking. I’ve been awarded grants from UCLA to take their studio art classes, 2003-2008. Art Institute of Pittsburgh approved financing my studies with best-selling author and groupie extraordinaire Pamela des Barres for her Writing Workshop, 2011. Completed the Pamela des Barres Writers Workshop in 2011, 2013, 2014, and 2015. Co-Founder and participant, riot grrrl writers workshop, 2013 – 2016.

Co-founder of Revolution Rising, a collective that included boys but had the same DIY artsy ethos as riot grrrl, Revolution Rising’s purpose was to provide access to and a space for the tools and creation of artmaking through grassroots fundraising (concerts and benefits, t-shirts, stickers, zines). My work with them financed one of my short films, the PXL documentary Good Enough To Eat, and several art exhibitions in Los Angeles.

My work as an art history instructor and creative writing professor have led to my being nominated by students as Outstanding Faculty at Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online, 2009, 2010, and when that award was discontinued in 2010, my continued success scores, outstanding student feedback, and top retention rates assured my continued employment. Recent awards from AiO include the Resource Management Award and the Initiative Award.


What happens with my students when I am teaching or workshopping is what happens when I write or make art on my own: applied magic. It is a visitation from the muses, best to heed them and wise to listen to them! I approach my class with yielding discipline, intentional with my precisely organized syllabus yet open to the spontaneity of revelation. Encouraging discovery rather than asserting domination is my strategy. Creative applications of critical thinking are usually accomplished!


I utilize most media, including acrylic, charcoal, collage, oil, pastel, pen/pencil/ink, watercolor, Polaroid instant pics, Nikon CoolPix, and iPhone6splus. I paint on centerfold photos from Playboy magazines, and on Victoria’s Secret catalogues. I do my own versions of panels from Betty and Veronica comics and the romance comics from the 1970’s, and glue original text onto posters of rock stars. My art has been exhibited, among other places, in NYC for S.A.S.; in Los Angeles for Revolution Rising, Art’s Building, Jr., The Art Gallery, The Punk Museum, and the Museum of Broken Relationships; in Pittsburgh at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh Faculty Show; in Kentucky at Woodford Theatre, Louisville Glassworks, LexArts City Gallery and at Mary Craik Gallery. My paintings have been purchased by private collectors. In 2017, I presented a Performance Powerpoint of my riot grrrl art, A Grrrl’s Diary, at the Museum of Pop Culture. Artists for Peace 2007 exhibit my work, as does the Women’s Action Network. Visual and written work have been selected for inclusion by the Kentucky Girlhood Projects 2007 and 2009. Represented since 2007 by WomenArts.


My short films (16mm, video, and PXL) deal with rape, bulimia, patriarchy, and body image. They have been screened at the Los Angeles PXL Festival, the New York University Film Festival, and California Institute of the Arts. My films have also been showcased locally, at the coffeehouse Lou de Criss and art space Art’s Building Jr. Miranda July selected my ten-minute narrative film, Daybreak, for permanent inclusion in the Big Miss Moviola Chain Letter (aka Joanie 4 Jackie). Two of my short films were featured at the Grrrls On Film Festival at Loyola Marymount University in 2016. Daybreak housed at the Getty Research Institute via Joanie4Jackie collection, 2017.

My manifesto, Cinema Spontaneous, is demonstrated by four very short digital films. Crewless and unscripted, no editing, filtering, or altering, Spontaneous Cinema is about being ready, utilizing available light and subjects, batteries charged!

Concert footage includes bikini kill, Fugazi, Lucid Nation, Glitterbust.


I write creative nonfiction, fiction, lyric essays, and poetry. I make zines, do it yourself mini-magazines of collage art and text. I have contributed to the zines riot grrrl Los Angeles, Revolution Rising, and TVI. My mom and I make zines together. I was interviewed by RE/Search! about my zine The Meat Hook.

Publication credits also include The Los Angeles Beat, The Los Angeles Review, Please Kill Me online, PRISM international, and Flyway Literary Review. My work has also been accepted by Poetry Motel and The Sun. Author Carole Giangrande selected my work for her podcast, “Words To Go,” which showcases emerging writers. I am the recipient of the Sweet Corn Literary Award, and awards from the National League of American Pen Women. Memoir selections in “Let It Bleed: How To Write A Rockin’ Memoir,” edited by Pamela Des Barres (2017). Music journalism in “Women Who Rock: From Bessie to Beyonce, Girl Groups to Riot Grrrl,” ed. Evelyn McDonnell (2018).

My zines are held at Tulane University, and have been excerpted for scholarly treatises on Third Wave Feminism. Several of my zines are being permanently held at Duke University, and showcased in the Alien She traveling art exhibition. The Fales Library & Special Collections at New York University holds most of my zine collection, including zines I’ve collected from others over the years.


Created Writers Together Outrageously, a showcase of readings with legendary luminaries from the GTO’s, Girls Together Outrageously, and students (including me!) who contributed to the Pamela Des Barres writer’s workshop anthology, “Let It Bleed: How to Write A Rockin’ Memoir.” Book Show in Highland Park, 2018.

Segment producer and co-host for Feminist Magazine Radio on KPFK and Pacificia Radio, 90.7 in Southern California, streaming online. September, 2016 – present. Interviews with groupies, rock ‘n’ roll archivists, and vegan activists.

Contributing curator and writer to Women in the History of Art compendium on Facebook and Women in Art History on Instagram, November, 2016 – present.


Currently I am working on my apparently neverending novels, one of which began as my thesis in the form of a zine. A riot grrrl anthology memoir is in the works. My collection of short fiction was inspired by the myths and legends surrounding groupies and rock stars, as is much of my fine art. The treatment of animals, sea life, and winged critters is a theme in much of my work. I am also conducting two oral herstories for aural zines and a collage of voices: a mixtape with zine and music compilation about riot grrrl Los Angeles, and a mixtape with zine about groupies and rock stars. I’ve interviewed several notorious women about their rock & roll adventures as I develop my own thesis on feminism and rock & roll!


Wild interests and an inclination to rage against the machine with a flair that could equal the groupies and rock stars who fascinate her, Lucretia Tye Jasmine, born 1966 in Boston, is a writer and artist from Kentucky living in Los Angeles. She earned her BFA in filmmaking from New York University (1988, University Honors Scholar), and her MFA in Critical Studies from CalArts (2006, Survivor of the experience).

Veganism and feminism are primary themes in her art. Rough edges and cheap copies indicate her DIY approach; the handmade and recycled, her interest in resourcefulness and popular culture. Groupies and rock stars figure prominently. Eating disorders, rape, self-mutilation, and animal rights are central topics as glamour, disguise, denial, and complicity are examined. Decaying flower petals with push pins, glitter with lipstick kisses, comic book panels and Polaroids signal pop culture, dress-up, and the ruined natural world.

Lucretia’s art, zines, and films have been exhibited nationally, notably in the Alien She traveling multi-media art exhibition about riot grrrl, the Punk Museum Los Angeles, the Museum of Broken Relationships, Loyola’s Girls on Film Festival, and the Joanie 4 Jackie/Big Miss Moviola video chain letter. Her zines have been excerpted for scholarly treatises on Third Wave feminism and the zine revolution, including the 2017 Performance PowerPoint of her riot grrrl zine art at the Museum of Popular Culture. Her work is also housed in museums and libraries, including the Getty Center, Duke University’s Rare Book archives, and the Fales Special Collections Library at NYU. In 2018, Lucretia presented at MoPOP her paper and PowerPoint, “Groupie Feminism: GTO’s, Girls Together Outrageously.” She created Writers Together Outrageously, a showcase of readings with legendary luminaries from the GTO’s, Girls Together Outrageously, and students (including me!) who contributed to the Pamela Des Barres writer’s workshop anthology, “Let It Bleed: How to Write A Rockin’ Memoir.”

Lucretia’s award-winning writing is published in the US and Canada. Recent publications include essays for Women Who Rock: From Bessie To Beyonce, Girl Groups to riot grrrl, edited by Evelyn McDonnell; Let It Bleed: How To Write A Rockin’ Memoir, edited by Pamela Des Barres (2017); and Please Kill Me online.

As a professor of creative writing and aesthetics, Lucretia’s redesigned courses and compiled archives to include women. Author of The “F” Word, a podcast about the four waves of feminism, she also created the PowerPoint, “Uh Oh! Odalisque: Counteracting Gender and Racial Bias in the Online Classroom,” recently presented at Universities Art Association of Canada.

Volunteer work includes reviews of feminist projects for LA Beat; curating and writing for Women in the History of Art on Facebook; and producing segments for Feminist Magazine Radio. On Valentine’s Day, 2017, Lucretia founded Women in Art History on Instagram.

Current projects are oral histories for the riot grrrl mixtape zine, and the Groupie Gospels mixtape zine.

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